this is our temp website, launch of our new one is delayed due to COVID and financial constraints

It's time for ACTORS to ACT


At this stage of BAN development, we need your help.

We are looking for 800 Founding Members to help us get BAN to where we need it to be.

Right now, it's BAN or BUST!  So far we have just over 300 Founding Members signed up. The sites are almost finished and ready to go live but we have stalled.

What is a Founding Member?

Someone who is likely already a BANner and believes in what we are trying to achieve and is happy to invest a minimum of £51 (incl Stripe fees) upfront in order for the website to be properly branded, designed and launched. 


As well as our never-ending gratitude and a mention (with web links) on the ‘Founding Members’ page of the finished website, FM investors will get access to special events & workshops, BAN Premium for the price of BAN Pro and will be amongst the first to be asked to form the panels to advise on the distribution of BAN funds.


The form below has 3 registration options:

  1. Register as a Founding Member: a BANner who believes in what we are trying to achieve and is happy to invest a minimum of £51

  2. Donate only: happy to give us your money (anything from £5.00) but you don't want to be bothered with our email updates or become a BANner

  3. Register for updates only: sign up to the mailing list only

If BAN Phase III is to happen, we need all our actor pals to


The beta test for the BAN casting site has just been sent out to all current Founding Members and helpful feedback is coming in already.

These are our proposed 'Introductory Membership' subscription options

BAN BASIC - £0 pm

  • FREE access to paid castings

  • FREE access to paid muggle jobs

  • FREE access to the BAN community

BAN PRO - £8 pm

  • Access to BAN Hardship Fund

  • Discounts on Professional Industry Workshops - in person & online streaming 

  • Discounts on Q&As with Industry Professionals - in person & online streaming


  • BAN Brain: Knowledge Base, Downloads, Templates

  • Access to BAN Film & Theatre Money Pots to create your own work

  • Full Discount Scheme

  • Free Professional Industry Workshops

  • Free tickets to BAN produced events

BAN PREMIUM - £12 pm