BAN is a support, community and networking group currently hosted within Facebook. BAN is open to anyone involved in the British* acting scene at any and all levels. The group has grown to over 18,000 members by word of mouth.
*We also have members in Ireland, the EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia


Me - HELEN RAW www.helenraw.com I am a trained actor and singer, who has made a shift into film and documentary producing.

I created a youth theatre in my home town when I was 15 after the director of the existing one spent his time hitting the kids with scripts and creeping out us girls – the kids wanted to ‘do drama’ but not with him, the adults didn’t listen to our complaints so I set up on my own, the kids came with me and we put on musical revues and full-scale musicals over a 3.5 year period. I have been involved in the industry in some way ever since as a performer, tutor, director and producer. In 2008, I founded the East of Scotland Branch of Equity and was the elected Branch Secretary until I resigned my post in 2015. In 2016 I was elected, unopposed, to the Online Branch Commitee and currently serve as Depute Moderator. I am known for being ‘outspoken’ and I call out bad behaviour and bullies in the industry, regardless of who they are.

I have presented my’ Business of Acting Seminar’ in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London and have become the go to person for ‘is this a scam?’ question from actors. I continue to be very vocal about issues in the industry and refuse to be browbeaten by aforementioned bullies and self-proclaimed gatekeepers. I have a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Forensic Psychobiology, a CertHE in Forensic Science & Medicine and am a certified Mental Health First Aider. MY PROFESSIONAL / INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPS: Equity – founder and elected Secretary for East of Scotland Branch (2008 - 2015) Equity – elected Secretary/Deputy Branch Moderator for Online Branch (2016 - present) Equity Singers Register BAFTA Scotland BECTU Independent Producers Scotland Association of Film and Television Practitioners The British Psychological Society (incl. Forensic Psychology Division) The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences The Royal Society of Biology The Whitechapel Society The STEM Network The Children's Panel (qualified Chair) The Pet Professional Guild Pet Industry Federation Pet Services Association Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour


Forbes KB kicked it off in 2012 on the back of the closing down of a casting director group he was adminning and pulled me (Helen Raw) along for the ride. I took over as BAN group owner and lead admin in 2017. In summer 2019, Forbes stepped down as admin due to work and personal commitments. This is when I started seriously thinking about growth and development plans for BAN Beyond Facebook…


Yes, if you choose one of the paid subscription levels*. However, you will get BAN Basic for free:

  • FREE access to paid castings
  • FREE access to paid muggle jobs
  • FREE access to the BAN community
BAN Pro* and BAN Premium* will offer lots of extras including:
  • Access to funding to create your own stage and screen work
  • A hardship fund for those struggling between jobs
  • BAN Brain: Knowledge Base, Downloads, Templates
  • Professional Industry Workshops
  • Discounts on many products and services
And so much more...