If Phase II is successful, we will provide a full independent reporting programme* with progress reports for anyone reporting bad practice, abusive and/or bullying behaviour and general awfulness that has no place in this industry.

We will also link to a support service for those actors/performers who have experienced bullying, harassment and abuse in their workplace.

* We will link to relevant unions and authorities where appropriate

Helen and BAN have already done a lot of work on calling out industry scammers, bullies and more. With this reporting process, we can help even more people and start a culture of accountability and consequence for bad behaviour.


In lieu of BAN progress being on hold, Helen has already started collating a list of abusers and is speaking with investigative journalists and members of the police and legal profession.  Conversations are also happening with many other like-minded folks in the industry who also want to see a seismic change and paradigm shift.

In the meantime, if you have someone you want to report, in strict confidence with anonymity assured, please email:


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